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Our Radiologists

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Our talented group of radiologists received medical training in the U.S.A., are based in the U.S.A., hold at least one U.S. state medical license, and are board-certified radiologists. All of our radiologists are internally privileged and credentialed in accordance with The Joint Commission (TJC) standards. Most of our radiologists are also fellowship-trained, have significant experience post-certification, and are graduates of world-renowned medical universities, including:


Thomas Jefferson University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University and Tulane University. 

No matter what the clinical situation or the time of day, you can count on VetMed’s radiologists to provide timely and appropriate findings and impressions for your patients.

In addition to providing general radiology coverage of all modalities, VetMed provides sub-specialty trained radiologists with expertise in:

  • Abdominal and body imaging

  • Breast imaging (mammography)

  • Cardiac radiology including coronary CTA and cardiac MRI

  • Musculoskeletal radiology expertise (MSK)

  • Neuroradiology Certificate of Additional Qualifications (CAQ) subspecialists

  • Nuclear imaging

  • Thoracic radiology

  • Ultrasound

World-class teleradiology starts with attracting the

best radiologists.



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Thoroughly Screened


Highly Qualified

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VetMed is active in the radiology community and is knowledgeable of the latest trends and issues impacting the industry. VetMed and its radiologists are proud members of numerous industry organizations and associations:

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