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Why choose VetMed?

VetMed is not a "one size fits all" teleradiology group. We know that each healthcare facility's needs are unique and ever-changing, so we create a tailored approach that works for you. That's why we've been exceeding client’s expectations since 2015; across five states, all modalities, every day of the year.


VetMed can be your primary radiology department, or we can handle overflow and/or after-hours needs. Either way, you'll be working with a trustworthy and reliable partner who will care for you and your patients like family.  

Fast to Implement and Onboard
Provide a snippet about fast implementation and onboarding. In fact, we got started with one of our clients in just 6 days. 


24/7 & 365 Operations Center
VetMed maintains a 24-hour call-center staffed by U.S.-based, well trained teleradiology operations support personnel. Hospital personnel can call (844) 864-7237 / (844) VMG-RADS any time to check on the status of an order, speak with a radiologist, or get assistance with any issue related to our service.


Online Self-Service Portal
VetMed provides clients with access to our secure web-based portal for clinical staff to verify status of orders, add notes to an order, view and download reports, and review patient data that is in our PACS.

Reliable Technology & Security 
VetMed uses the award-winning IntelePACS by Intelerad Medical Systems (IMS) as its PACS. We can connect its PACS with yours via uni-directional or bi-directional connectivity, allowing for fast and reliable order and report transmission. Alternatively, for clients unable to send or receive HL7, clients can send us DICOM studies and we can auto generate orders and make reports available on our self-service online portal.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control
Providing high quality teleradiology is not easy. It requires organizational commitment, appropriate policies, proactive action, and an ability to adapt. VetMed always strives to exceed national standards and makes investments necessary to ensure high-quality service is provided.

VetMed Group currently implements standards as set forth by The Joint Commission (TJC) and the American College of Radiology (ACR). Since 1951, Joint Commission has been the national leader in setting standards for health care organization.

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